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Welcome to Kalderon MD

Kalderon MD is a top quality glassware manufacturer of custom hand-made glass tableware and dinnerware. We offer a wide range of innovative glass pieces.

Kalderon MD products are a part of the tableware and dinnerware collections of luxury hotels, banquet halls, restaurants, cafes, catering companies, museums and high-end glassware stores around the world.

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  The Swedish Michelin star Chef TITTI QVARNSTRÖM presenting her chosen dishes on

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Our Values

Kalderon MD - top quality glassware manufacturer

Creation through Passion

Passion drives us to work, to design and to create.


In a world in which hand-made crafts barely exists, we believe in creating hand-made products and in integrating a personal touch into our advanced work methods.

We Make Art

By fusing art and original design, we create a unique, unforgettable experience in which harmony and beauty abound.

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