Our Values

Creation through Passion

Passion drives us to work, to design and to create.


We view our clients as partners rather than customers. We work with our clients for years, building and conducting a dialogue that brings about the creation of a product that best suits their taste, atmosphere, interior, and budget.


We are committed to providing top quality glassware while emphasizing the very highest quality finish. Each piece undergoes a meticulous quality control inspection that checks every last detail.


Inside Kalderon MD glassware studio

All colors and materials we use are lead and cadmium free.
All our products are dishwasher safe except for products that contain metal items.


We believe that excellent products require excellent service. We are always available and attend to any of our clients' need or request.


Our mindset is that of a consumer rather than that of a manufacturer. We are obligated to giving our customers the product that best suits their taste, space, setting and budget.


In a world in which hand-made crafts barely exists, we believe in creating hand-made products and in integrating a personal touch into our advanced work methods.

We Make Art

Inside Kalderon MD glassware studio

By fusing art and original design, we create a unique, unforgettable experience in which harmony and beauty abound.

Design & Texture

We have a wide collection of shapes and textures from which we create a product designed specifically to meet our client's needs.

Tailor Made

Meeting the clients' needs is our challenge. We provide tableware concepts, based on their specifications, expressing the atmosphere that they seek and providing the most authentic pieces to suit their surroundings.


Inside Kalderon MD glassware studio

All our products are made while ensuring and maintaining the highest environmental standards. Our glassware is produced using recycled glass and as part of the production process we use recycled water.

Our Products

  • Plates
  • Serving Dishes
  • Buffet Dishes
  • Complimentary Dishes
  • Amenity Dishes for Spas and Bathrooms
  • Custom made Dishes
  • Giftware