Kalderon MD - Creation through Passion

Danny and Michal Kalderon

Kalderon MD founders Danny & Michal Kalderon are leading innovators of a uniquely artistic glassware collection.  With over twenty years of experience, Kalderon MD has become well-known for its fresh design concepts and high quality finishes. Today, hand-made glassware collections by Kalderon MD are acquired by top hotel companies and private customers around the world.

Lead designer Danny Kalderon is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and is a recipient of the Sharett Foundation Prize. His work is featured in various exhibitions worldwide. Danny is responsible for the design and creative aspects, while Michal runs the commercial side of the business.

All of our creations are driven through a strong passion to create art ̵ where beauty and harmony abound. From the design stage, each of our products reflects the needs of our clients whom we view more as partners. By working closely with our customers, we can create for them the product of our dialogue  ̵ one that is best suited to their taste, atmosphere, interior, and budget.

The purchasing experience of a Kalderon MD product is a creative process in itself. Whether you are selecting dinnerware, serving dishes or amenities, we let you choose from a variety of exclusive product styles and textures with high quality finish.

Kalderon MD glassware

Our Products

  • Plates
  • Serving Dishes
  • Buffet Dishes
  • Complimentary Dishes
  • Amenity Dishes for Spas and Bathrooms
  • Custom Made Dishes
  • Giftware

All our products are made while ensuring and maintaining the highest environmental standards. Our glassware is produced using recycled glass and as part of the production process we use recycled water.

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